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Eric McLaughlin
Director at Exvere, Mergers & Acquistions
I have worked with Glenn many times, hiring him to do design work for me on at least four projects. We have also worked together as colleagues consulting on projects in common. Glenn is truly a gifted designer, whether it be interior, graphic, logo, web, fixturing or merchandising. He has an ability to grasp a client's vision and the uniqueness of a project and bring creative solutions that fit the specific project. Glenn even won an Northwest ADDY award from the American Advertising Federation for the work he did for one of my businesses. 
As I look back at the diversity of the product that Glenn has produced over the years I am amazed by how unique each is. His work has a common aesthetic quality without betraying the fact that it has a common designer. It always looks professionally designed while being accessible, comfortable, never trying too hard. Glenn knows just how far to push a design to make it intersting and memorable without making it jarring or pretentious. 

I have recommended Glenn many times to others and will continue to do so with great enthusiasm.
Terri Potter
Director of Development, White Mountain Trail Collective
Through working with Glenn at the WMTC, I learned a great deal about brand strategy and effective marketing. I appreciate the unique lens through which he viewed the organization, and his thoughtful approach to design, outreach, and engagement were effective in raising the profile of the WMTC as a young non-profit. He's knowledgeable of software and design programs and stays in tune with the shifting trends in social media marketing. He was invaluable in cultivating the brand identity we were striving for.
Gig Leadbetter
Head Cider Maker, Meriwether Cider Company
Glenn is a stickler for detail, friendly to work with and a professional. I am certain our business would not be where it is today without his expert knowledge.
Dan Balluff
Owner / President, City Peanut Inc.
I have been working with Glenn since 2009 now and am extremely pleased with the brand that we have created and maintained. Glenn has the ability to listen and understand your vision right from the beginning. He can help you develop that vision into a brand that represents your vision and will remain relevant over time. He is open to ideas and committed to the success of his clients. He has helped City Peanut become an iconic part of the community and we have received local and national media coverage. I truly appreciate the dedication and quality of work Glenn provides me.
Brian Garrett
Owner, Saint Lawrence Gridiron
Glenn is a creative individual who can conceive and produce unique ideas/solutions for a multitude of design problems.
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