I help new businesses and organizations make their best, first impression and do it in a way that communicates the stability and consistency from years of experience. I also give those already existing renewed, refreshed, and reinvigorated updates or complete rebrands so they can thrive or take things to the next level. 
Having worked for over 25 years in multiple creative disciplines, industries and related fields has provided a wide range of design-centered skills backed by entrepreneurial strategy and insight.
By deploying a human-centered design process to develop impactful and innovative solutions, I help businesses and organizations tell their story in an honest and accessible way resulting in growth. I use this diverse skill set and knowledge to deploy engaging experiences for consumers, effect change, and add value to brands.
SPECIALTIES: Human-Centered Design (design thinking), Naming Conventions, Brand Design / Creative Execution, Design Strategy, Design Management, Brand Systems, Marketing Strategy, Production Design, Packaging, Product Development, Advertising, Communication Systems
PLACE/SPACE: Place-Making, Branded Environments / Consumer Experience Architecture, Environmental Graphics, Wayfinding / Signage System Design, Retail Design, Visual Merchandising, Point of Purchase, Brand Event / Trade Show Design
Your brand is the perceptions of those who interact with it however it exists in the world.
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